What We Do Together?


We can work in two ways: a strategic approach, to analyse the entire marketing and sales segment, to make long-term and substantive changes; tactical or operational way, to intervene together in one of the functional sections of marketing and sales within your company.

Brand Image

Creating Brand Image

We define together corporate values, colors, communication channels, competitive position, key sales elements, key advertising elements, and online image (web page and social networks).

Sales Improvement

Sales Improvement

We create or adapt together sales process, sales funnel, sales offers, key negotiation arguments, bundles, prices, KPIs. 

Process Improvement

Marketing and Sales Process Improvement

We define together strategic marketing, operational marketing, adapt marketing and sales organization, planning and reporting, training marketing and sales personnel, implement or improve software solution (ERP, CRM).

If you want any of these services separately from the whole process, we can arrange to cooperate regarding a specific activity or a few of them.

Why Work With Me


Within my fourteen years working experience, I was always in charge of the optimum organisation design, business development, project management, marketing and sales, continuous follow-up and analysis of consumer, competitive environment, marketing trends, and making internal reports.

I am someone who makes plans, reports, monitoring processes, finding gaps and implementing the solutions.

My speciality is the B2B market with the reference of IT and robotics services (telecommunication, system integration, robot integration, business software development – ERP, CRM).

What does it mean?

Why do you need a Business Developer and Marketing Expert?

There are a lot of aspects of sales and marketing. Every company should perceive each decision, activity, technique, employee very precisely. Each combination of those elements gives different results. Choosing a successful combination is very important to achieve a better outcome. A successful combination depends on having adequate information, knowledge, experience, and sense. My role is to help you create better integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions.

The Business Developer and Marketing Expert oversees the operations of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to maximize alignment and results.




Recent Work


About Me



Traits that I consider essential for doing business efficiently.
  • analytical mind
  • gap insight
  • dedicated to the task
  • searching options
  • reliable
  • strategical mind with operational acts

I regularly spend leisure time in recreation. Also, following my schedule, I strive to travel to different countries and meet a diversity of cultures and peoples. I am very interested in self-improvement techniques – I am certified NLP PRACTITIONER IANLP by NLP Energy House.

Job tasks

Jobs that I usually performed.
  • the optimisation of the organisation
  • business development
  • continuous follow-up and sound analysis of consumer, competitive environment, marketing trends
  • sales improvement
  • content marketing
  • web design
  • project management
  • software implementation (CRM, ERP)
  • ISO 9001 implementation
  • holding training and lecturing
  • raising training center (Microsoft courses)


Employers and my job positions
  • Byte Motion AB, Marketing Associate
  • Teleklik, Head Of Sales and Marketing Department
  • Teleklik, Project Manager for software development
  • Grape, Business Development Manager
  • ICBL, Coordinator for Technology Transfer Centre
  • ACED, Marketing Associate
  • Faculty of Economics, Assistant
  • Balkan Investment Bank, Marketing Clerk

For detailed information about my professional life, please visit my LinkedIn profile.





“I have worked with Dana very successfully, in the field of content marketing.
I am very happy with her professional approach, analytical skills, and an additional dimension in her work – the ability to see a “complete picture” as well as the long-term vision of each project we have worked on. Thanks for the valuable insights and guidance on how to implement my marketing plan further.
All recommendations for cooperation with Dana :-)”

“It’s great to have someone so dedicated to improving your business. External associate (with independent views), very rational, with expressed open communication and thinking. That’s all we need.”

“Dana is educated and dedicated marketing expert. Her academic and industry expertise and openness toward modern business concepts helped us as a startup as well as scale-up company. She is capable and interested into getting into details when it is needed. “

It’s great to work with Dana in all fields. Dana is a professional, entirely dedicated to the task, and every problem with her expert help has a solution.
While Dana gives me useful suggestions, we come up with great solutions together. She always meets deadlines, which is very important to me personally as an entrepreneur in this fast-paced time in which we live.
The more you work with Dana, the more you notice the value she gives through her excellent services, and the more manageable your challenges become. That is why I want to recommend working with Dana wholeheartedly.

Let’s Work Together


If you want to cooperate with me or just to find out if I am able to help your business, please feel free to contact me.

    About My Work

    My working experience is very comprehensive. I had the opportunity to learn about business and marketing from different prospectives because I had a chance to work at a bank, on the faculty, within the innovation centre, for an IT and internet provider, a marketing agency. From the 14 years working experience, I could say my speciality is services (especially IT and robotic integrations) and B2B market. Also, having teaching experience, I can set the workshops and lectures for any group of people when it comes to marketing. For detailed information about my professional life, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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